Partnership - the nucleus of Trade - R. F. ENTERPRISES international marketing organization using in country marketing analysis by nationals familiar with conditions and on ground data providing essential services in technical equipment and maintenance.

Covering government, military, commercial and industrial markets.

Defence Eqpt-Div: AIR - LAND - SEA

Machinery Div: Machine Tools / Construction / Power Generation / Oil & Gas Eqpt. & Supplies.

Building Materials: Raw Materials / Furnished good for construction Industry

Chemical and Paper: Petrochemical / Plastics / Industrial Chemical - Paper & Board - related products.

Food Stuff: Import of Packed Food Stuff for Pakistan Market

Engineering/Supply/Research, product search, specification preparation consulting engineering - HI-TECH Defence Commercial & Industrial Equipment.

Extensive reference library with state-of-art information technology access to O.E.M and Distributors to give customers quality service with competitive price structure, genuine spares backed by manufacturers guarantee and warranty with minimum turnaround time.

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